When is it necessary to get breast reconstruction?

For yourself. There is no purely medical reason to undergo breast reconstruction. The benefits are mostly emotional and psychological, and they are real and numerous. You will look better, feel better, and think of yourself as more feminine with reconstructed breasts rather than having no breasts at all.
Never. Breast reconstruction is an excellent option for women who undergo breast removal (mastectomy) but is never mandatory. Many women find it advantageous to undergo reconstruction at the same time as their mastectomy; however, it can also be performed on a delayed basis months or years later.
BreastReconstruction. Unlike a mastectomy or lumpectomy, which are sometimes necessary for treating a cancer, breast reconstruction is considered an elective operation. Therefore, in most cases, breast reconstruction is not needed to actually treat the cancer. I always let my patients know that no reconstruction after mastectomy is always an option.
Reconstruction. I believe that it needs to be understood that in the usa studies have shown that only 35% of women are explained their options regarding breast reconstruction. The group with the lowest rate is in unacculturated latinas. So from someone who reconstructs limbs to walk on and arms to work with and jaws to chew i take breast reconstruction very seriously. A federal law helps women get breast recon!
Never. It's never necessary but it's something that should be offered to all women considering mastectomy.