What is the recovery time after breast reconstruction surgery?

2-6 weeks depending. There are many different types of breast reconstruction procedure including breast implants and various techniques that use our own tissue (flaps and fat grafting). Recovery time and time off work vary based on the complexity of the surgery (2-6 weeks). The more complex flap procedures (like the diep or gap flap) usually require 4-6 weeks off work (i recommend you plan for 6 weeks to be safe).
Varies. With expanders/implants, the hospital stay is generally less than 1 day while with flaps, this tends to be 3-5 days. Most people feel like themselves within 1-2 weeks after expanders/implants though flaps may take somewhat longer.
Variable. I perform tissue expander/implant breast reconstruction on an outpatient basis, and most women can return to work within one week. Transferring tissue from one part of the body to reconstruct a breast usually requires a hospital stay of 1-7 days, and the recovery at home can last for 2-3 weeks.
Depends. Upon to what you refer by "recovery" & which of many operations you've had.
Variable. Recovery varies quite a bit depending on the method of reconstruction. In general, women who have tissue expanders in preparation for implants will be hospitalized for 1-2 days and may return to work in 2-3 weeks. In contrast, when a tissue transfer ("flap") procedure is performed, these numbers tend to double.