Is lipton pure green tea good for you?

Very good but... Green tea is proven to have many health benefits;it is rich in antioxidants like catechins, as well as l-theanine which has a calming effect.Among the proven benefits of green tea: preventing cardiovascular disease, lowers cholesterol & blood sugar, prevents many different cancers, protects the liver. Lipton is fine but i prefer organic teas.See http://www.Umm.Edu/altmed/articles/green-tea-000255.Htm.
Overhyped. Green tea is the latest in a long line of overhyped nutritional products. Claims include weight loss, better health, longer life, better endurance. Do not believe the hype. Yes green tea contains some anti-oxidants and phytonutrients, but it still contains caffiene which is a stimulant and has duiretic properties. Too much green tea is not good for you.