What is the difference between serous fluid and pots?

Think About It. Perhaps you should rephrase your question? Serous fluid is the protein rich fluid, like lymph. Pots are made of metal for cooking, plastic or ceramic for plants.
Do you mean pus? Serous fluid is normal clear yellowish body fluid that may weep out of an open or healing wound. Pus is infected cloudy fluid with bacteria & white blood cells & can smell badly. Don't know if that was your question though.
Don't know re: POTS? Am not familiar with this acronym - only one I know for it is postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which has nothing to do with serous fluid, which is fluid that is a result of mild inflammation or allergy without infection. Medically, we refer to fluid as either serous or exudative, with the latter meaning something more serious - infection, cancer or severe inflammation.