Is there a good way to get rid of pus in a surgical wound?

Yes. The general treatment is to open a portion or the entire wound at the skin level. down to the level where the pus is accumulating. Any dead tissue needs to be removed (debridement). It is critical that all of the pus be removed (drained). Wounds may be irrigated (washed out with various solutions) and dressing changes may be necessary. Antibiotic dressings, oral/IV antibiotics may be used.
Yes. First of all, go see your surgeon as soon as possible! pus coming from a fresh surgical incision if left untreated could lead to major problems. Treatment usually involves opening the wound. Once pus is coming from it, antibiotics are usually ineffective.
See your surgeon. Wound infections are a potentially serious complication of surgery. To treat, you may be given antibiotics, the wound may be opened and debrided-infected tissue removed, which may require local or general anesthesia. Conditions such as diabetes, tobacco use or poor nutrition can make you more susceptible. See your surgeon immediately!
Get back to surgeon. There shouldn't be pus from the wound at all get back to the surgeon he will be sure it is indeed pus and if so he may open it back up and remove deep sutures. If any type of device was put in it may need to come back out. If appropriate, you will of course also be put on antibiotics.