Bump on side of mouth but don't hurt and looks like a blister and I got big bumps on back of my tongue and throat but none of it hurts?

Mucocele? If it is on your cheek it might be a blocked or clogged salivary gland duct and the blister is just the fluid not having a duct to let it out. Saee your dentist or ENT to make sure.
Mucocele possibly. The bump on the side of your mouth might be a mucocele. It is a clear bump filled with salvia. Caused when the duct to a minor salivary gland gets clogged and the saliva backs up. Most common on the lower lip but can occur elsewhere in the mouth. Ussually resolve on their own. Some times large ones require surgical removal. Bumps on the back of your tongue are probably normal vallate taste buds.