Is it dangerous to paint the nursery while pregnant?

No, but. You should choose a water or latex based paint due to lower fumes and keep the area well ventilated. If you start to feel dizzy, you should stop. Most of the things in paints that we worry about have either been removed or are only a concern with repeated exposure of a long period of time.
Be Cautious. No studies currently available that documents the effect of household paint on pregnancy and developing baby.Best recommendation is to avoid exposure to oil based paint, lead and mercury.Ask someone else to do the job for you.Otherwse, be sure , room and house are well ventilated. Open windows , turn on fans, take breaks in between.Be cautious.
Help clean liver. Liver will be the one to detox chemicals inhaled due to painting. So help to clean the liver by taking supplements - liver needs b vitamins, magnesium, choline, betaine hcl, milk thistle, co-q 10 and n acetyl cysteine.