Typically how long does it take Depakote to reach full effectiveness in a new patient with non- epileptic seizures. How can you tell that the meds have reached the right level?

75 hours average. The half-life of Depakote is about 15 hours that means after five half-lives have passed the drug has usually reached a steady state.Right around 75 hours the drug level should be stable. We can check the level of Depakote to know if the patient is in the therapeutic range. This drug is metabolized primarily by the liver so your doctor may want to check several levels to ensure it doesnt rise.
Couple weeks. Depakote will build up slowly. Effect will be evident within a couple weeks. However side effect may also be evident during that time. Absolute level is not as important as clinical response. Labs should be drawn after about one month on med to be sure no liver or blood toxicity has occurred.