I have a hard painful lump by my ear next to my jaw line. My jaw clicks when I yawn or move it a certain way. Is this symptoms of tmj, and should I see a dentist for this?

TMJ. Yes, this is the location of the tmj. See your dentist and he can evaluate the situation.
ENT. I would see an ent. The click in your jaw joint (TMJ) and the lump behind your ear are most likely independent of each other. It is normal for your jaw to click. A sign of tmd (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) is when there is pain associated with your joint. If you're having pain in your tmj, then i would see your dentist to help manage that.
Yes and Yes. Clicking in the jaw joint is a sign of TMJ problems. A lump can form with inflammation or disc problems. The best person to see is a dentist or oral surgeon, to properly diagnose the condition and suggest treatment options.
ENT or oral surgeon. The painful lump may or may not be related. See an ENT or oral surgeon to help sort it out.
Go to your doctor. The bump and symptoms could be coming from TMJ to ear to other pathologies. Go to your doctor for an evaluation and proper diagnosis.