Can yeast infections cause the vagina to develop a foul smell?

Not exactly. Technically a true vaginal yeast infection will cause a thick cottage cheese itchy vaginal discharge with no odor. In real life women with yeast infections often complain about odor. If there is a fishy odor i suspect it is not yeast but actually bacterial vaginosis. Either way a visit to the obgyn is needed to determine the cause and help yor get better.

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When after a yeast infection does my vagina smell?

No odor for Yeast. A yeast infection should not have an odor. If you have a vaginal discharge that is malodorous than you may have bacterial vaginosis or a std. Please see your physician if that is the case. Read more...

I have been having this fishy smell coming from my vagina for about 3 months now. 2 cultures detected only a yeast infection but I still smell fishy?

I would ask. Specifically for metronizadole 500 mg 2x per day for 7 days. You don't need a culture to diagnose that one, it's bacterial vaginosis and sometimes you have to treat the obvious, not depend on a culture. Gd luck. Read more...