Why does it take me so long to have a orgasm?

"so long"? I'm not sure how you're judging the "so long" part? Sounds like you're comparing to someone or something else? Some people say this when they haven't taken time to explore what pleases them & what doesn't. Perhaps speaking with a sex therapist would help. You can find a trained one through the american association of sexuality educators, counselors & therapists: http://www.Aasect.Org/.

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I'm 18. Why does it take me so long to have an orgasm with my boyfriend? I do masterbate, is that a problem?

Orgasm. Having an orgasm involves multiple factors that include both physical and psychological stimulation. Performance anxiety, and the simple fact that you think about not reaching orgasm in a timely manner can affect your ability to do so. Try discussing this with bf, and or experimenting with different sexual activities to stimulate and arouse you differently. A sex therapist can be helpful too. Read more...