Was diagnosed with diverticulitis on friday. Am on metronidazole and ciproflaxacin, feel terrible! Lethargic, flu-like symptoms. Is this expected?

Follow up scheduled? Is this your first bout? Was the diagnosis confirmed on ct? Are you staying well hydrated? Diverticulitis is not too common in young people... Assuming the diagnosis is correct and you are otherwise healthy, a steady improvement is expected. If not, repeat labs or scan maybe needed. More severe cases do require IV antibiotics. Most importantly, you must stay in contact with your treating doc.
Yes. First you have a major infection. So you will be tired. Call the doctor if you have any concerns.

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Bumpy blisters on feet + flu like symptoms and lethargy for more than two weeks not sure?

Best to see your doc. if these symptoms have persisted for more than two weeks then it is best to see your doctor. Without more information and an exam it is difficult to say what exactly this is so a doctor's visit is warranted. Read more...

10 days post op from gallbladder removal. Lethargic and have flu like symptoms, tired, chills, no appetite but no fever. Should I call the doc?

Mgt. I would advise being seen by your PCP. They can then call the surgeon as indicated. It may be a self limited illness, but since you are in the post operative period, monitoring your temperature is important. Read more...

2 days of extreme fatigue and light flu-like symptoms? What can it be?

Viral illness. Symptoms like this are not very specific and could represent most anything although flu like symptoms are typically due to viruses. The extreme fatigue part is often related to activation of the immune system. Read more...