Why did peds recommend immediate help for my child for arm fracture if the orthopod wont come in?

Temporary bracing. Some peds offices are not set up to make the temporary splints used after a fracture. The swelling around the site will often prevent a good fit for any cast.Within a few days the swelling goes down & the cast would be too loose. A temporary splint, employing one hard side, padding & often ace wraps is applied by er techs & the kid seen in the ortho office in 3-5 days for the long term cast.
Because fractures. Need to be dealt with promptly. Depending on the fracture, often the fracture will be splinted in the er with advice to follow with the orthopod, or perhaps it could be set by the orthopod at a more convenient time. There are occasions when the doctor needs to show up asap and if he/she won't then it is time to call in another, but that's no typical.