What can I expect to happen during amniocentesis?

Steps for amnio. Consent is obtained; questions are answered. Ultrasound is used to find best location for needle. Iodine is wiped on skin. Ultrasound is placed on abdomen again. Skin may or may not be numbed by injection. Amniocentesis needle (long but thin) is inserted through abdominal wall into amniotic sac. Syringe is attached; fluid is withdrawn. Heartbeat is checked. Skin is cleaned. Instructions are given.
Fluid taken from sac. Amnio is a test done at 15-20 wks of pregnancy to check if a fetus has a genetic disorder like down's syndrome. It is usually done for women >35 y/o or with a previous abnormal screening test like an msafp test or NT test. An ultrasound is done 1st to check the fetus, the fluid and placenta. A very thin needle is used to remove the fluid with ultrasound guidance. Anesthesia usually not needed.