How quickly does breast cancer grow?

Variable. It is estimated that by the time a cancer is detected on a mammogram, it has probably been present for 2 years and that it takes an average of 5 years to become palpable. However, the growth rates of different breast cancers can vary substantially.
Varies. Each cancer is unique. Some cancer cells grow very rapidly have the ability to metastasize very early in their development while others grow much slower and are late to metastasize. This is very difficult to predict.

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I've always wondered if you're still maturing and you have breast cancer. Do they stop growing or do boobs still grow?

Grow normally. Breast cancer at adolescence is rare, and it's often one of the unusual types. The remaining normal breast is unaffected. If you do have a dominant breast mass, get seen regardless of age.

Would a breast cancer tumor grow within days?

Not in the. Traditional sense, in that the cells don't divide that rapidly. But sometimes, you can get bleeding into a cancerous area, which might make it appear bigger because of the hemorrhage. Best to have any breast lump checked out by a doctor.

Would breast cancer grow in 4 months? Tiny nodule been the same for months. Biopsy benign.

Probably not. You are fairly young and unless you have a strong family history it is unlikely you would develop breast cancer in the first place. If you had a biopsy (i would assume a stereotactic or ultrasound guided biopsy) and it was benign and your nodule is stable, your doctor should reassure you that you are fine.
Breast cancer. Tumors can grow very quickly at times some 4 months is adequate to show change. Please see a breast surgeon appropriate evaluation and treatment recommendations.
Some cancers. Can grow quickly, with significant size change in a few months. Others can be more indolent and may look stable for years. A few months of stability is not adequate follow up to make a determination, but if your nodule was biopsied, and the results were benign and concordant, there is no reason to think it is not benign.

My daughter is starting to grow breast. She is ten years old. Something hard is inside. Some website said its breast cancer or bud. I am not sure.

Don't worry. Let her doctor examine her, just it could be due to breast growth, being breast cancer has impossible odds.
Normal tissue. Thelarche is the term used for the emergence of breast tissue in the beginning stages of puberty. A spongy bit of true breast tissue is located directly under the nipple on one or both sides. It can be tender to touch ; one side may emerge weeks before the other. Your pcp can confirm this process, I HAV at least 3-5 /yr come to my office for the same question.

Can emotional distress cause breast cancer to grow faster?

Maybe. If you asked me this question 2 weeks ago, I might have had a different response. A new study released last week demonstrated a significant correlation between women's stress levels and the aggressiveness of their breast cancer. Of course, it is hard to know "which came first, the chicken or the egg". Nevertheless, common sense would suggest that stress is never good when battling any illness.
Possible. Studies have looked personality traits and cancer survivals. Those patients with a positive outlook tended to have more favorable outcomes.

Would breast cancer grow in a pregnant woman? Even if it's ER positive.

Unclear question. Pregnancy does not exempt you from developing breast cancer. So you need to be alert just like all women. But pregnancy does not seem to make breast cancer any different (safer or more dangerous). If you feel a lumpm, inform your doctors and get it checked out.

When will hair start to grow after last cycle of chemo treatment for breast cancer?

About 3-4 weeks. Hair is a dividing cell. Chemotherapy affects dividing cells for up to 3-4 weeks after treatment. This would be when hair starts to grow. It will take months for females to return to normal hair length.
3 months. I tell patients they will have a buzz cut at 3 months. Hope this helps.

My aunt is a breast cancer survivor and lost most of her hair. It's thin and she's African American. How can she grow back her hair?

When treatment ended. Most of the time hair will grow back in couple of months after treatment, Unfortunately the chemo. That killed cancer cell also will kill the hair follicle then badness will be permanent. Think alternative lucky she survied the cruel disease.

Could pregnancy trigger breast cancer? I am high risk, and am screened yearly. But could a pregnant cause a genetic bc to grow when otherwise it wouldn't?

Yes and No. Women who are at increased risk for breast cancer can end up getting a breast cancer in pregnancy due to the growth hormones in pregnancy. I don't think pregnancy could 'start' a bc, but can accellerate. Be sure to survey your breasts with self exams and ask dr. To perform exam at beginning of pregnancy as well. Any lump or mass report immediately. This goes for pregnancy as well as postpartum.
Not likely. Breast cancer in pregnancy is uncommon. It is not likely that pregnancy, in and of itself causes breast cancer. With the hormonal changes during pregnancy there may be effects on breast cancer growth. Most breast cancers in pregnancy are estrogen receptor negative and do not respond to increased hormones. Stage for stage survival is the same. Treatment may differ based on term of pregnancy.