Can the doctor rule out testicular cancer without any lab tests?

Not completely. If there's a mass, it should be examined by ultrasound. Blood tests can further suggest the likelihood of cancer by finding abnormal amounts of hormones and proteins. Usually entire testicle removed instead of biopsy, because of risk of spreading cancer cells that were previously contained. Exam by pathologist will guide treatment. Ct can evaluate for metastasis.
Yes. A normal physical exam essentially rules out testis cancer. Other diagnostic tests including labs (afp, bhcg, ldh) and ultrasound.

Related Questions

Why don't doctors know the cause of prostate cancer or testicular cancer?

No specific cause. Cancers arise by dumb luck, genetic mutations that are random. There are no significant exposures for these, unlike lung cancer.

Is it unlikely my doctor to misdiagnose me as having epididymitis instead of testicular cancer?

Ultrasound. If your doctor did an ultrasound the diagnosis should be correct. Ultrasound is accurate in differentiating between the two diagnoses.

Doctors, what is the difference between advanced testicular cancer and another advance cancer such as advanced lung cancer?

More curable. Advanced testicular cancer spreads to nodal area. In most instances the primmary is resectable and nodes can most oftern be removed. These tumors are sensitive to radiation and chemotherapy with a high cure rate. Lung cancer when advanced is most often not resectable and invades major pulmonary vessels into pericardium. Effective radiation hard to deliver and chemo limited.

How does a doctor check whether a man has testicular cancer?

Starts with. . ..A physical exam, looking for testicular lumps. Ultrasound and certain blood tests (tumor markers like AFP and beta hcg) can be of help. If there is enough concern, a urologist removes the testicle. Testicular biopsy with a needle is not advised.

What kind of doctor should you see if you have testicular cancer?

A few. First, an urologist will evaluate and remove the affected testicle. Then, you would see a medical oncologist and maybe also a radiation oncologist (depending on the kind) to get additional treatment if necessary or at least to get follow up. This is a very curable disease even if advanced. Be safe and happy holidays.

I'm scared the doctor is going to tell me I have testicular cancer. How common is it?

Not common. Other cancers, like renal and prostate are far more common. Its peak age incidence is 20-40. There are 2 subtypes, seminoma and non-seminoma. Seminoma is highly sensitive to radiation therapy. Staging involves serum alphafetoprotein (afp), b-human Chorionic Gonadotropin (b-hcg), chest x-ray, and ct scan of the abdomen and pelvis. There is 95% cure if treated right.
See your physician. See your physician, only 1 to 2% malignant tumors of men are testicular tumors, so they are not that common, if tumor is found in testis most of the time it is malignant.

How do doctors determine if it's testicular cancer or epiditimitis?

Anatomy. Testicular cancer would show as a mass in the testicle on ultrasound. The epididymis is near, but outside of the testicle. In typical epididymitis, it becomes inflamed and looks enlarged with increased blood flow. It typically causes acute pain in the scrotum.