Can male breast cancer reoccur in the thyroid after 8 years of mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy?

Less likely. The thyroid would be an unusual spot for breast cancer to spread. More common sites would be bone, liver, lung and brain. But with cancer, anything is possible. If there is a nodule on the thyroid the best thing to do would be an ultrasound guided biopsy if it looks concerning.
Yes. Male breast cancer often goes undetected until tumors have been present for a long time and though it would be unusual to recur in the throid your description suggests this was an aggressive breast cancer when first discovered. That would make late metastasis much more likely.

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Would male breast cancer reoccur in thyroid after 8 years of mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy?

Very unlikely. Very few cancers metastasize to the thyroid. I'll bet you it's a new tumor. The pathologist can tell for sure.
That would. Be exceedingly unlikely. If you have a thyroid nodule, it is probably unrelated to your breast cancer.

Could male breast cancer reoccur in the thyroid after eight years of mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy?

Unlikely. Unlikely but breast cancer can go anywhere. Primary thyroid cancer would be much more likely.
Possible??? This would be an unusual place for recurrence of male breast cancer to recur. Often ct scans or other studies will show a lesion in the thyroid that is unrelated. I would check with my oncologist.

I'm a 17 year old male and I have a little lump under my left nipple, it hurts a little when I apply pressure on it, do I have male breast cancer?

Unlikely but see doc. Please see your doctor. Given your age and gender, breast cancer is extremely unlikely. However, you need to find out what this is.
Probably not, but., This is probably gynecomastia, a little bit of breast development from teen hormones. Being a teen is difficult enough without this. Have your physician take a look; removing it is a simple procedure.
Gynecomastia? It is common for teenage males to develop a small amount of breast tissue under the nipple, which is called gynecomastia. It feels like a firm nodule and can be moved around a little bit. Usually a little tender. That said, the other doctors that commented on this answer are absolutely right. Any new lesion has to be examined by a doctor & possibly some imaging studies done. Please see your doctor.