Are mammograms really completely safe?

Mammo Safety. Very little in life is 'completely' safe.We make risk/benefit decisions all the time, without even being conscious of it.For example driving a car, or taking an antibiotic for an infection, carries some risk. With mammography, there is a minimal increased risk of radiation induced cancer. However, medical consensus is that the risk is far outweighed by the potential benefit of early Ca detection.
No. If your question was' "are they safe?", my answer would have been "yes". Having a mammogram does expose you to a low dose of radiation, and radiation exposure is a known risk factor for breast cancer. A better question is: "do the benefits of mammography outweigh the risks?" this answer is a strong yes, especially when started no earlier than age 40.
If a member od your immediate family developed breast cancer at an early age, we generally advise starting yearly mammography 10 years earlier than when she was diagnosed.