What are the long-term effects of a hernia surgery?

Usually none. Once a hernia surgery site has fully healed, then there are usually no "long-term effects." usually one can return to a full and normally active lifestyle without any restrictions or problems.
Success. The long term effect is to have the hernia repaired for life. Most people have this outcome. But complications and long-term problems can occur. The hernia site and size will dictate on the type of complications and the risk. But generally speaking, failure of repair, mesh infection and chronic pain are the most common and troubling long-term complications.
Hopefully none. The goals of hernia operstion are to relieve symptoms and rpevent problems related to the hernia wothout long term bad effects. As always however, some patients do have long term problems related to hernia recurrence and chronic pain. Fortunately, these are not typical, but if it happens to you, you really wouldn;t care how often it happened to others. See a general surgeon for your specific info.