After my femoral hernia repair, what sorts of activities are okay?

Should be all. After repair of a femoral hernia, it would depend on the technique. Regardless of the technique however there shouldn't be any long-term restrictions on any activity. I usually telling patients to return to normal activity as tolerated. Check with your surgeon however to make sure.
Few restrictions. Following femoral hernia surgery I advise my patients to avoid strenuous activity for 1-2 weeks. Most people are back to full activities without restrictions within 3-4 weeks. Some factors that may affect recovery include patient age, size of hernia, coexisting medical problems, and hernia repair technique (laparoscopic vs. Open).

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Had trig. Point injection done for pain from a femoral hernia repair done 12mo ago but it made the pain worse what could it be is it a new hernia?

See your doctor. You have symptoms which could be serious and should see your physician. He/she will listen to you, do a physical examinarion, run some tests, and let you know what's going on.

Is it normal to still have numbness from a femoral hernia repair after a year has gone by?

Yes and No. Numbness after inguinal and femoral hernia repair is common. However, the duration of numbness in and around the groin and inner thigh are dependent upon a key factor. That is, whether or not your surgeon purposefully divided a small nerve branch. Some surgeons do this to avoid the much worse complication of chronic pain. If your surgeon divided your nerve, you will always have numbness.

Is dull constant pain after open femoral hernia repair six weeks after normal? I had no pain up until two weeks ago. Now pain is constant.

S EE SURGEON ASAP. You need to see your surgeon ASAP. Depend how your hernia is repaired. Femoral hernia has the highest recurrence rate. In open old fashion repair the rate can go as high as 40-50 % in open tension free hernia repain using a screen, the rate can be up to 30% in laproscopic hernia repair the rate can be as low as 5-8%. so se your surgeon, your pain is not normal. Good luck.
Not normal. It is not unusual to have pain for a few weeks after a repair like this, however if you were pain free then pain returned that could be an indication that something has happened to the repair. See your surgeon as soon as possible.
Call surgeon. Since you are not getting better, and in fact, worse, call your surgeon about it The doc doing the procedure is the one to ask, since all the important details of your operation are known to him/her.

A year ago I had femoral hernia repair recently I felt something bust or pop open now there is constant pain. What could the popping sensation be?

Recurrence. If you feel a bulge in the area of you're previous hernia repair or pain you may have a recurrence. I would get re-evaluated by your surgeon. I would refrain from doing any heavy lifting or abdominal exercises until you see your physician.

Can scar tissue from a femoral hernia repair cause block of blood flow?

Possible. The location of a femoral hernia is adjacent to the femoral vein and artery going down the leg. I suppose if excess scar tissue built up, it could compress on these structures, but in general, I expect scar tissue to fill empty space and mesh, not compress on adjacent structures. An ultrasound could evaluate the flow of blood in these vessels to determine if any flow has been compromised.

Is a trigger point injection for pain a good idea after having a femoral hernia surgery 12mo ago after feeling a popping sensation near hernia repair.

Depends. It would depend on where you are having the tp injection. You are not likely getting it into area of femoral hernia repair. Popping likely your hip. Tp injections are into muscles not joints.

Dear doctor, I am 43 yrs old woman who got operated for femoral hernia with a mesh. Will there be any side effects on the hernia repair due to cough?

Rarely. Mesh repair is designed to withstand normal stresses such as coughing. Coughing may increase the pain early-on after surgery but shouldn't affect recurrence unless one has a chronic cough. Bracing the area when you cough may minimize the pain.
Shouldn't be. The placement of the mesh will augment you existing connective tissue and scar forming at the operative site such that it should prevent hernia in the future even with a chronic cough, heavy lifting, and all noral activity. While problems with the mesh are possible, they are unlikely, and would typically manifest with chronic pain. Activity or cough should not increase the risk of mesh problems.

9 days ago I had scar tissue removed due to a femoral hernia repair today I noticed a red area 2 or 3" above the cut and is tender to the touch.

Rule out infection. If you have a fever or notice the red area is more swollen, these could be signs and symptoms of a post-surgical infection. Please notify your surgeon immediately. It could be treated with antibiotics or sometimes the area needs to be drained.
Call your surgeon. You should bring this to the attention of your surgeon to be sure you're not getting an infection.