After hernia surgery fails what are my options?

Couple options. If no symptoms and relatively small can observe. If associated with symptoms and / or enlarging will require redo operation for recurrence perhaps by new approach e.g. Laparoscopically if it was done open before.
Limited. Unfortunately, hernia repairs can fail. Groin hernia repairs and repairs of small abdominal wall hernias have a very good long term success. But repairs of larger hernias can have a very significant failure rate. Other factors also contribute, such as obesity, smoking, collagen disorders, etc.. The only option to is to have a surgical repair. Leaving it alone, or using a binder are poor options.
Surgery. Unfortunately, there are not too many options for treatment of hernias other than surgery. Hernia recurrences are the most common complication after hernia surgery. While the second operation may be more complex, there have been many innovations developed over the last decade that may not have been available at the time of the first hernia surgery.