Is gynecomastia normal during puberty?

It happens. Should still look for other causes, e.g. Steroids used for bodybuilding , other pharmaceutical drugs and marijuana. Could also be a feature of obesity. Interestingly, certain increasing prevalent environmental pollutants, for example, bpa's, can function like female hormone in the human body.
Gynecomastia. This is a very common issue in early puberty. The testosterone levels start to rise and the body initially converts it to estrogen. Once levels rise moderately the ratio of testosterone to estrogen increases enough to cause breast tissue to recede.
Common. Roughly half of males go through transient nipple enlargement on one or both sides at the onset of puberty.Most resolve within 6m to a year, it is considered normal.A few will have persistent or dramatic gynecomastia. It can erode someones self concept , surgery is helpful for those who don't clear up after a couple of years.
It first appears the. Idiopathic gynecomastia first appears in teen agers. It frequetly resolves spontaneously by 18 years of age if it's going to resolve.