If I lose weight will my gynecomastia go away by itself?

No. Gynecomastia is hormonally-active breast tissue in a man. Since breast tissue consists of mostly fat, losing weight will cause a reduction in the size of any breast tissue, either in a man or a woman; however, the enlarged breast tissue will still remain.
Probably.. Gynecomastia is occasionally confused with pseudo- gynecomastia which is primarily fatty deposits that could go away with losing weight. Even real gynecomastia can be decreased with losing weight...
Usually not. Most men still have breast tissue in spite of weight loss. Many young men have a mild case of gynecomastia, with only puffy nipples. Others have a more serious case. Most require surgery for correction, even mild puffy nipples. See my webinar on youtube - search dr. George pope. Or visit www. Gynecomastia. Org, a great forum.