Where does ovarian cancer commonly metastasize to?

Different sites. One of the most common sites for ovarian cancer to spread is to the lining of the abdominal cavity (peritoneum) or to the fatty covering over the abdomen (omentum). Other sites may be the diaphragm or less likely to the lungs.
Many areas. From the ovary, it goes first to the surrounding areas in the pelvis, then to the lymph nodes and other organs in the abdomen including the fat layer called omentum, over the covering of the bowel, liver and then lungs. Can cause fluid to build up in the belly.

Related Questions

What would be the symptoms of ovarian cancer that has metastasized to the bladder?

Several. There should be several symptoms. The principal ones could be pain in the pelvic area, feeling of fullness, and the major one would be blood in the urine. Please consult with your urologist or OB/GYN. Hope this helps.

If ovarian cancer metastasized to the peritoneum, would it cause noticeable symptoms?

Ovarian cancer. Yes it can, but in early cases symptoms such as bloating or pain may be also absent. Body imaging such as ultrasound or CT scans may help detect it. Elevated tumor markers (Ca 125 usually) can heighten one's suspicions.

What would be the symptoms of ovarian cancer that has metastasized to the bowel?

All the ax of ovaria. N plus possible signs of bowel obstruction as the cancer as it wraps itself around the bowel. Also, possibly malabsorption syndromes secondary to the lack of functionality of the bowel. Also, vomiting, secondary to obstruction.

My Mother In-Law was just diagnosed with Brenner's ovarian cancer that has metastasized to her liver. Dr. says no treatment available as it's rare?

Most Brenner tumors. Of the ovary are benign; the diagnosis of a malignant one is very unusual. Certainly the first line of treatment is surgical removal but if there is confirmed evidence (by biopsy) the tumor has spread to the liver then other options come into play. While treatment in this situation is not curative, chemotherapy can offer life extension/quality of life benefits. See an ovarian cancer Oncologist.
Get 2nd opinion. Metastasizing Brenner tumors are very uncommon. I would insist in a consensus from at least three pathologists. If it is, try treating as if it were a more common coelomic-type ovarian cancer.

Please answer, if one had ovarian cancer, could it metastasis to pelvis and present on pap as cin 1?

Pap and ovarian CA. First just remember a Pap test is only good for finding cervical CA. It doesn't find ovarian or uterine CA. That's why ovarian CA is called the silent CA and uterine CA presents with bleeding. Your abnormal pap is not even at a level where it would be CA yet. Talk to your doctor and ask if the CA cells from the ovarian CA look like the pap. Sounds like u have a new problem. Hang in there!

Does someone who is 27 commonly have ovarian cancer?

Unfortunately it can. Happen as they are many different types of ovarian cancer but if the cancer has not spread then the prognosis is excellent and no one knows for sure until the pathologist has confirmed it cause sometimes what may look like cancer on an ultrasound or pre-op testing can be pre- cancer or benign.

What specific type of lymph nodes are most commonly involved in ovarian cancer?

Uncommon. Ovarian cancer typically does not go to lymph nodes except in a minority of patients where pelvic and para-aortic nodes can be affected. On rare occasions inguinal lymph nodes can be the site of ovarian cancer metastasis.