How long does the pain persist receiving arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

Depends. Some surgeries can be painful for a while. Others are much less painful. Rotator cuff surgeries tend to cause more pain than instability repairs. If you are concerned, speak to your surgeon about specific strategies to cope with, and effectively treat, your postoperative pain. Combining blocks with short and long acting narcotic pain, as well as use of cold therapy are all utilized. Good luck!
Diagnosis? This really depends on the exact diagnosis and the repairs that are performed. In general, however, the worst pain from shoulder surgery lasts the first 2-3 days following surgery and improves significantly from there.
Depends on procedure. The surgical pain from shoulder arthroscopy may last a few wks. Depending on what was done, rotator cuff repair vs clean-up, will determine how long the pain lasts. It is common to get a nerve block for post-operative pain control, as well as narcotic pain medication. Ice and therapy is needed after surgery.