What are some possible side effects of femara (letrozole)?

Hot flashes, etc. The most common side effects of Femara (letrozole) include hot flashes, joint pain, headaches, back pain, and increased sweating. Less common side effects include nausea, vomiting, weight changes, and constipation. Despite this laundry list of possibilities, in reality, most people tolerate Femara (letrozole) very well.
Several. Besides the risks of allergic reactions with rashes, breathing problems or shock, the most common side effects are muscle aches, weakness, hand/foot pain, trigger fingers, fatigue and interference with the sex life. Other effects include nausea, bowel disturbance, loss of appetite, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, edema, weight gain, dry mouth, hot flushes, coughing, sob and rashes.

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