Should stage 1 breast cancer patients with no lymph node involvement generally receive chemo?

Sometimes. While the prognosis for stage 1 breast cancer is excellent, many women may benefit from traditional chemotherapy. This is dependent on the age of the patient, whether the tumor is hormone-sensitive, if the her2/neu receptor is overexpressed, and, in select cases, what the oncotype-dx score is. While "negative" lymph nodes are very encouraging, some breast cancers may travel via the bloodstream.
Depends. This depends on the tumor characteristics. Best to discuss this your friendly oncologist.
Depends. If the tumor is hormone positive and or her2 positive there is chemo hormone blockerstypically, radiation, lumpectomy followed by anti hormone meds.On the other hand, triple negative breast cancer stage i will most likely need chemotherapy iv. It is a bit controversial about a tumor less than 5mm, but anything above that has lumpectomy, node bx, and adjuvant chemonow, docs are trying chemo presurg.