Urination pain and pelvic pain related?

Can be. Typically a simple bladder infection doesn't cause pelvic pain - but a chronic infection or other issues with the bladder (like interstitial cystitis) certainly can. Check with your doctor for a proper evaluation.

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I have left side pelvic pain, nausea, frequent but not painful urination, a polyp found 10 days before period was due when wiped in last 2wk any ideas?

See a doctor. Would need far more info and an exam to begin to speculate, but pelvic pain of this nature may be due to ovarian cysts, tubal or ovarian infections, even appendicitis (and must be suspicious of this because of the nausea). There are other possibilities and would suggest you go and be seen. UK has a great health care system with well trained medical personnel. Good luck. Read more...