Sudden weight gain, absence of period, high blood pressure. Pregnant toxemic?

Can be a start of... Weight gain and absence of periods are signs of pregnancy. Hypertension of pregnancy is common but not necessarily toxic. Toxemia of pregnancy involves hypertention, protein in urine, leg edema, and in severe cases liver trouble, seizure etc..Which require emergency care. I would consult doc for eval as soon as feasible. Check a hpt for quick result! good luck.

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I have shortness of breatbreath even if I'm sitting. Extreme weight gain in a short period of time mostly in my abdomen. I have high blood pressure a?

Further eval. Your symptoms are concerning and necessitate further medical evaluation with more information, physical exam and very likely some tests. Fluid overload, and subsequently weight gain, can happen due to a number of conditions such as heart failure, liver cirrhosis, renal failure, low body protein such as malabsorption, etc. Limit your fluid and salt intake until seen by a doctor. Read more...