Is breast enlargement surgery very painful?

Mildly. Fear of the unknown is the greatest impediment to women undergoing breast augmentation. Implants placed under the pectorals major muscle will result in very sore muscles for a few days. Implants placed on top of the muscle will cause much less discomfort. Overall, the soreness is tolerable, temporary, and overshadowed by the beautiful result of the surgery.
No. Most patients are pleasantly surprised at how little pain and discomfort is associated with breast augmentation. I perform an intercostal nerve block, inject your breasts with numbing medicine, and then wash out the pocket for the implant with more medicine. These steps together make for a much more pleasant recovery and most of my clients are off of narcotic medications within a day.
Depends. Subglandular augmentation is not painful at all, and patients return to normal activities in a few days. Submuscular placement is a bit more painful, however most women are back to normal in 10-14 days.
Yes. There is moderate soreness for 3-5 days, and some soreness that lasts for a couple more weeks or so.
Yes, for 2-3 days. Therev is definitly pain with breast enlargment, but only for 2-3 days. Most patient do not need any pain medication after the fifth day.

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Is breast enlargement surgery painful?

Post Op Pain. Breast surgery is generally well tolerated and pain can be controlled with oral pain medications for a few days post op.
Yes. As with any operation there will be cutting of tissue involved. Usually the pain is well controlled with oral pain medication, and usually lasts less than a week.

How much is breast enlargement surgery in asia?

Contact an Asian. Surgeon & ask. Surgery abroad may save money unless there's a complication, in which case you'll spend more.

When is breast enlargement surgery okay to have?

Breast Aug candidate. Breast augmentation can be performed on healthy patients 18 years of age or older. Breasts can be enlarged ~100 cc up to 800cc. You will need to get a clearance from your primary care doctor prior to the procedure. For generally healthy patients here in maryland, this means a physical (known as an h and p) and a cbc, a red blood cell count (for anemia). Dr. Ricardo rodriguez baltimore, md.
Now, if. . . Once breast growth is stable (for young women), and if your general health is good and you are not pregnant or breast-feeding, you can undergo breast augmentation. If you have had major weight loss or breast skin sag after pregnancy, you may also need a breast lift. Don't do this for anyone but yourself, and see an abps-certified plastic surgeon experienced in breast augmentation.

How old when you get your breast enlargement surgery?

Breast implant. We have performed surgery on patients that have one breast smaller than the other. Which can be at 17 years of age. We can answer questions you may have.
All ages! Under 18 requires both parental consent and a patient that has a legitimate need for surgery and has completed her breast growth. Certain congenital deformities would qualify, but rarely is cosmetic augmentation done before age 18. After that, any age is appropriate for the informed and consenting patient, right up until the 60's and even a few in their "young 70's.".

When is it necessary to get a breast enlargement surgery?

Never. It is never necessary to get breast enlargement. It is your choice. Breast enlargements are done for reconstruction following cancer resections, create symmetry for unequal breast size, help with sagging breasts, and cosmetic enhancements. None of these are necessary and are elective.
Never. Only when you personally feel that you want to enhance your breast due to their small size, asymmetry, sagging or a congenital deformity. It is never a necessary to do it!

What is the definition or description of: breast enlargement surgery?

Breast Augmentation. Breast enlargement surgery, otherwise known as a breast augmentation, or the slang term "boob-job", is a surgery that makes the breast larger. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. Implants such as siicone or saline based implants may be used. More recently fat grafting has become more popular with surgeons. This is where you're own fat is transferred to the breast.
Breast Augmentation. Breast enlargement surgery is any surgical procedure that leaves the breasts larger. By far, the most frequently performed procedure is breast augmentation with breast implants. Fat grafting has become an option for selective enhancement of smaller defects, but was historically replaced by breast implants, as implants offer more reliable and larger volumes with more predictable results.
Breast Augmentation. Or augmentation mammoplasty ("boob job") involves placement of saline-filled or silicone gel implants behind the breast or the pectoralis muscle via one of several incision choices. Fat grafting is controversial and may cause calcifications that can interfere with the mammographic detection of breast cancers. Implants placed by an abps-certified plastic surgeon are the best and safest way to go!

How dangerous would it be to get a second breast enlargement surgery?

Why? I do not know why you would want a second breast enlargement surgery? Is is because there is scar tissue or leakage of silicone or saline? Or do u want larger breasts? Was the initial procedure dissatisfactory for some reason? Surgery has potential risks. There are always anesthesia risksyou need to decide whether the risks outweigh the benefits with your physician and a possible 2 opinion.
Not very but... You've asked a loaded question. Secondary surgery after breast augmentation is very common and safe. However, risk is only half of the equation. The other important piece of information is, "what is the benefit? " whether surgery is entirely elective or is needed to correct a problem, the risks and benefits should be discussed with a board certified plastic surgeon in an open and honest way.

Can you tell me about problems after breast enlargement surgery a few months down the line?

See your surgeon. If you have concerns, it is best to be seen and evaluated by your plastic surgeon who performed the surgery.

Approximately how much would it cost over lifetime to get breast enlargement surgery and then have followups if needed?

Breast augment. Your total cost for gel implants including all post op follow up years down the rod is estimated $6800 total.
First surgery. The first surgery, including all follow ups will range between $4000 and $7000 depending on where in the country you are (in ohio, I charge $4500 for saline and $5300 for silicone). At 40 years old, you will probably need additional surgery to change the implants in the future. This may be after 10 years or more. Also, with silicone implants, the fda recommends mris which may be an added cost.
Unknown. It depends on many things: type of implant, age at first surgery, post op compilations and revisions. You may get them once and be done, but if you droop, have babies, or develop contracture, you may need several trips to the or.