Is breast augmentation or reconstruction risky?

Benefits > risks. Every surgery has risks and benefits, so it comes down to what we call the risk/benefit ratio. Silicone breast implants have been studied more than any other medical device and the fda has confirmed that they are safe and effective. Thre are a lot of things to consider however so you should discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon in detail.
Breast augmentation. This is a commonly performed, safe surgery - when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited surgical facility. But there are lots of implant options to choose from - so a detailed consultation is a must.
Always risks. Surgery always has its risks as well as benefits. This is a major surgery and requires going to sleep under general anesthesia. There are risks of the anesthesia, infection, bleeding, scarring, results not what you thought they would be, need for further surgery, altered breast/nipple sensation, possible loss of sensation, loss of ability to breast feed... Discuss in detail with your surgeon!
There are risks. Breast augmentation is generally considered to be a safe surgery that is commonly performed on an outpatient basis. However, please keep in mind that every surgery has risks. Best to discuss these potential risks with your plastic surgeon so that you can make an informed decision regarding your surgery.
Breast implant risks. Breast enlargement by using implants has had concerns raised in the 90s but those concerns have been put to rest. All implants can develop a capsule or lining around it but a contracted capsule is only an issue in a small percentage. Reconstruction with implants have slightly higher risks and the additional issues are due to wound breakdown and radiation. The benefits are becoming 'whole' again.
Usually safe. There may be several situations that make breast augmentation an unacceptable choice and much of this can be determined through a history and physical conducted by a board certified plastic surgeon. This includes unreasonable expectations or psychological conditions in addition medical conditions such as local breast disease or systemic medical conditions that increase the complication rate.
Not risky, but risk. All surgery has its risks, and you should be aware of all the potential risks. Doing some research and asking all the right questions can inform you of these risks. You should never undergo a procedure that you are more concerned about the risks over the benefits. In any case, the overall risks of these somewhat dissimilar procedures is fairly low.
Safe procedures. Breast augmentation is usually regarded as safe procedure. Typical complications include bleeding, infection, capsular contracture, and implant rupture.
Breast implants safe. Breast implants are one of the most tested medical devices in the US and World. Breast implants in the US are very safe with a low risk of complications when performed by a Board Certified Plastic surgeon. Unfortunately may patients shop for breast implants based on price and end up with poor cosmetic results or worse. Make sure your surgeon is a board certified Plastic surgeon. Find at ASPS. Org.
All surgery has risk. Complications of breast augmentation include bleeding, infection, asymmetry, scarring, capsular contracture, implant failure or rupture, need for revision operation, decreased or altered sensation, possible changes in ability to breastfeed, and rarely alcl.
Yes, but... Every surgical procedure carries risks and potential complications. You will be wise to discuss your specific operation planned as well as the potential risk/complications associated with the planned procedure prior to proceeding. Best wishes.
Risks. All surgeries have risks and you should be well aware of them. In general these are safe surgeries.
Depends. Every surgery has inherent risks. It is up to your plastic surgeon to explain to you the particular risks of your surgery. Breast augmentation, as a rule, is a safe procedure. Reconstructions can have more complications depending on various factors (i.e. If you underwent radiation or not).
Breast augmentation. The procedure is safe and effective when performed by a board certified plastic surgeon in accredited facilities. After your consultation you should feel comfortable with your surgeons and decision regarding implants. The consents created to inform patients are lengthy but describe in detail everything possible. With these details in breast augmentation is a safe procedure.