Do you think hypnotherapy is more effective than psychiatry?

Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy works for some health issues, under hands of trained therapists. Not all mental health issues are susceptible to this, & not everyone responds to it.
Hypnotherapy. I know many psychiatrists who do hypnotherapy . . . It is only one in a myriad of ways psychiatrists are able to help people. Not all psychiatrists do hypnosis, but if not they would likely have reliable referral sources for patients who might benefit from this. So, i don't think it's an "either/or" kind of situation. Also the treatment prescribed depends on the problem the person's having.
Techniques. Hypnotherapy is one of many techniques employed in paychiatry - and is adaptable to many different purposes.
Hypnotherapy is one. Approach that can be used by a psychologist or psychiatrist. Within the field of psychiatry - there are many more forms of treatment available. Not every one responds to hypnotherapy. It is useful for some condition.S if i was force to chose one over the other- i would go for psychiatry as it offers a wide breath of treatment options.
Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is just one tool a good counselor could use. Even the best hypno-therapists do much traditional therapy in the standard areas of supportive, psychodynaimic and /or cignitive-behavioral therapy. It also depends on the patient and what the patient wants.