I have sharp pains in my left breast; could it be cancer?

Most likely not. Breast cancer does not typically present with pain unless you have a large, firm mass and changes in the skin. You could be experiencing fibrocystic changes but you should also rule out heart disease-which can present differently than in men. Seek out your gynecologist or primary care doctor for evaluation.
Probably not . Pain is not a common symptom of breast cancer. You should however alert your friendly primary care physician as to your symptoms.
Yes. Breast pain may be a sign of cancer, however, breast pain is far more commonly due to benign processes. Prior to menopause, cyclic changes in hormone levels may lead to breast pain. Common medications including birth control pills and anti-depressants may cause pain. After menopause, a very common cause of pain actually arises from the chest wall and is referred to the breast.

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I have sharp pains under my left breast and a little to the side towards my armpit. Could this be breast cancer?

Unlikely . In general.. No.. Breast cancer is typically a painless palpable lump or it's a mammographical painless finding. Inflammatory breast cancer is an aggressive variant that can be painful as it involves the skin. Advanced cancer that has grown into the skin or chest wall can also be painful. See your physician for a good history and physical. A mammogram or ultrasound could be indicated. Read more...
Get checked out. You are young but workup needs to start proper screening with self breast exams looking for new lumps, breast exams by your physician looking for skin or nipple chanes as well as masses or lymph nodes, and mammogram and ultrasound if needed are the best ways to pick up early stage breast cancer before it causes any symptoms. Once advanced it can cause many different symptoms throughout the body. Read more...

Sharp stabbing pain in left breast on and off for 2 years now. Different from PMS breast soreness. What is it? Breast cancer runs in my family..

Breast Awareness. Transient sharp pains are often harmless and occur when you are anxious about a possible problem. You should get a physical exam by your doctor once yearly so that he /she can check you for any lumps. You should also look and feel your breast once monthly and be aware of what is normal(now) and be able to see any changes in size, shape or deformity affecting one breast over the other. Read more...