Is it better to see endocrinologist for diabetes than internist (internal medicine doc)?

PCP then endo . I always recommend seeing your pcp first. Most internists are fully capable of treating diabetes. As the disease progress, your pcp will refer you to an endocrinologist if needed. In general, the less doctors you see, the better. Your pcp should coordinate all your medical care.
It depends. For people with type 1 diabetes (autoimmune destruction of islet cells leading to absence of insulin), i believe an endocrinologist is a better choice. For type 2 diabetes, a more global approach is needed, focusing on sugars, but also controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, and other cardiac risks. Many internists/family doctors can do this very well, referring to an endocrinologist if needed.
Both. Diabetes is an endocrinologic disorder, your internist have the ability to assess, review make decision good to your health and well being , if a referral is necessary they will gladly send you to that dept. Diabetes is about good control of blood sugar . Have on your team an internist, an endocrinologist, a nutritionist, a pharmacist.
Not necessarily. I believe an internist should be able to manage most diabetics if not all.
See which you feel c. Some family doctors are very good with diabetes. Endocrinologist would be good also and has more experience. See the one you feel more trust. If intern doesn't treat problem then he will say.
Diabetic management . It depends on the complexity of your diabetes. Diabetics on Insulin pumps should certainly be seen by endocrinologist. Uncomplicated diabetics can be managed by a "qualified" internist who will spend time with you managing your disease state.
Not necessarily. Internists can easily manage most diabetics, but if a particular patient has tough to treat blood sugars and needs more intensive treatment, then an endocrinologist's expertise would be very helpful!
Both are the same. All endocrinologists have gone through internal medicine residency training and continue with additional fellowship training in endocrinology. However, management of diabetes mellitus is a core competency of internal medicine training, or so called "bread and butter" condition. There should be no difference in the management of diabetes mellitus between a endocrinologist and a internists.