Can insight-oriented psychotherapy be traumatic?

Not usually. In the hands of a skilled, experienced, and ethical therapist, insight-oriented psychotherapy should not be traumatic. The patient might have suffered life traumas that brought him/her into therapy, though. There may be upset when dealing with certain areas, but the therapeutic alliance helps stabilize the person enough to move through things and come out in a more integrated, peaceful place.
Psychotherapy should. not B traumatic. It is meant 2 help people overcome traumatic events in their lives. That being said, recalling traumas can B emotionally upsetting. In insight oriented psychotherapy, uncovering traumatic events and gaining insight into why they were traumatic should help reduce the traumatic impact of the events. U need to trust the therapist 2 B ready 2 work on these issues.
Psychotherapy. Most often, not, but incorrectly applied to a very sick individual may cause a worsening of mental status and, perhaps, hospitalization. Insight-oriented psychotherapy is not merely applied, like lotion, it starts slowly and carefully while the relationship and rapport between therapist and patient begins to grow.
Unfortunately yes. Insight psychotherapy can be very helpful if the therapist allows and encourages the patient to explore, consider and develop understanding of possible reasons, often unconscious ones, causing troubling symptoms. Problems develop when the therapist uses the relationship to control, manipulate or take advantage of the patient by being rigid and authoritarian in insisting on his/her own answers.