How can I get rid of the nausea after chemotherapy?

Prevention. Prevention is the best treatment. There are excellent meds that are given before chemotherapy to try to prevent nausea. If you experienced a lot of nausea make sure to talk to your medical oncologist for adjustments is these meds. If you have nausea use your anti nausea meds early (if your starting to feel just a little bit nauseated).
Prevention. I completely agree- prevention is the key here. You have to be pro active in taking the anti nausea medication.There are a lot of medication used to prevent nausea-such as steroids, granisetron, zofran, (ondansetron) prochlorperazine, Lorazepam etc. Discuss with your oncologist further which medication/s would be the best for you. Other thing that you can consider-is ginger.
Prevention. Prevention is the best treatment. Usually taking an anti nausea medication before hand will help. Talk with your oncologist about different options.