Could a large buildup of ear wax cause tinnitis and vertigo?

Possible. Yes, if you have impacted wax against the ear drum, it is possible to have tinnitus and vertigo. It is uncommon, but possible. It is imperative that you have an ENT physician properly clean out the wax and see if your symptoms disappear.

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Can ear wax build up cause tinnitus and dizziness?

Ear wax. Usually you get some pain or decreased hearing but dizziness and tinnitus (ear ringing) can also occur. Try flushing with water. You can also mix hydrogen peroxide with water (1 part hydrogen peroxide and 9 parts water). If this doesn't work, you might need manual removal by a doc. Read more...

Extreme dizziness, a lot of tonsil stones, some ear pain and tinnitus for a week. What could be causing the dizziness? There is no ear wax or fluid.

Dizziness. Extreme dizziness can be from many causes including severe infection, dehydration, increased pressure in the middle ear space, inner ear inflammation (labrynthitis), cardiac disease, stroke or TIA. An urgent care for formalized testing and in person neurological exam is likely required. Please get help. Read more...