Do birth control pills increase the risk of breast cancer if you skip the placebos?

No. A placebo is a pill without any active ingredients. Skipping them has no consequence. However, taking birth control pills does increase your risk of developing breast cancer because of the hormones found in them.

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How do birth control pills affect your risk of breast cancer?

Depends. You are thought to have a slight increased risk if you use the pill for over 10 years, although, some studies show that people who use birth control pills and develop breast cancer have a less aggressive form.
Unlikely. There is no scientific data to show that birth control pills contribute to breast cancer. However, once a woman has had breast cancer taking birth control pills may increase her risk of recurrence.

Could you tell me what would I feel or what would happen to my body if I take birth control pills and then morning after pill when I have breast cancer?

This does not make s. Your question does not make much sense to me. Do you now have breast cancer or you just imagining things? Once there is a diagnosis of breast cancer made, we ask patients to avoid taking hormone pills, if possible.

What what kind of program should I be to prevent breast cancer other than take birth control pills?

No. Oral contraception doesn't cause cancer. Some breast cancers have receptors to estrogen and Progesterone so ocp should not be used only if the patient has a hx for breast cancer. Hope the info helps.

Can birth control pills cause cancer? My doctor says they are fine! My question is can they cause breast cancer or other cancers?

Not significant. Some studies suggest that use of birth control pills appears to slightly increase the risk of breast cancer, especially among younger women. However, the risk level goes back to normal 10 years or more after discontinuing oral contraceptive use. Women who use oral contraceptives have reduced risks of ovarian and endometrial cancer.

Is it safe to use birth control pills like celest for over a year? Does it caus breast cancer or any serious side effects?

Yes it is safe. Birth control pills are widely used and considered safe in the short term (1-5 years). There is no serious concern about them causing any cancers.

Is it too risky for me to take birth control pills? My mom's a breast cancer survivor. Is it worth it to take them?

No major risks. Birth control pills do not cause breast cancer. So short term use for one or two years at a time is not likely to cause any significant problems. I think the benefit outweighs the risks.... Yet it is all relative and you only can decide what is best for you.
Tough question. There is a very small increased risk of breast cancer with the use of birth control pills. Our best guess so far is that use of triphasic pills are the primary culprit. It might be worth verifying with your pharmacist that your pills are not triphasic. Also note that birth control pills seem to lower the risk of other cancers. Starting birth control pills as a teenager seems to raise risk.

Is it actually ok for a girl to be taking birth control pills if her mother had breast cancer?

Yes. Not all breast cancers are hereditary or with receptors to hormones. Because you are younger, the risk is smaller. But keep in mind, your risk for breast ca is higher than the population. My suggestion is cont with the pill but do monthly self breast checks and do your mammogram every 2 yrs if the history is birads 1 or 2.