Can I have breast augmentation before removing a lump in my breast?

No. In general, you should have the lump evaluated before proceeding with a breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is an elective procedure. I think most plastic surgeons would want you to take care of the medically necessary issues before moving on to elective procedures.
No. If you have a lump in your breast, the first step is to undergo a biopsy to determine if it is benign or malignant. If it is benign, it does not need to be removed.
No. Always have suspicious lumps in the breasts evaluated before breast augmentation. Breast aug can create beautiful breasts, but if a lump is found to be cancerous, this enhancement may need to be reversed.
Needle-biopsy. Most breast lumps are benign. If you have a breast lump, this can usually be biopsied via non-surgical means to establish the diagnosis. If benign, you may choose to leave it alone or have it removed at the time of breast augmentation.
No. Most plastic surgeons that i know want any other breast issues ie; abnormal mammogram or mass in the breast resolved before they will agree to breast augmentation.
Yes. You should always have a complete exam and mammogram to ensure breast health. Find out what the mass is first.
You should not. Address the lump first. Make the diagnosis, (often a biopsy is needed). Then proceed with treatment, (surgical, radiation, chemotherapy if needed). Breast augmentation can wait until you know what is going on.
No. Any unknown mass in the breast should be investigated prior to any surgery on the breast, such as augmentation. A breast surgeon will give you the best way of proceeding.
Bad idea. If you have breast lump, it should be evaulated by a mammogram and ultrasound before any cosmetic procedure. It is harder and sometimes riskier to biopsies after a woman has breast implants. See a general surgeon before the plastic surgeon.
Not recommended. If there is a known lump that has not yet been diagnosed, i recommend that you have this evaluated before any breast surgery is performed.