Related Questions

Are women more prone to breast cancer than men?

Yes. The odds of a woman developing breast cancer is about 100x greater than a man's risk.
BRCA gene ups risk. Men can get breast cancer though far less commonly than females. Be aware if there is a family history positive brca gene, tho females are at much higher risk for breast (and ovarian) cancer. Males who are positive for this gene also have a fairly high incidence of breast cancer. If strong family history of breast cancer, esp in younger women, males and female should be tested for the gene.

If I eat fries more than twice a week am I more prone to breast cancer?

Probably. High fat diet is probably linked to a slight increased risk of breast cancer. Decreasing fat intake to about 20% of daily calories is good for overall health.
Probably Not. While there is no clear link between french fries and the incidence of cancer, there is clear evidence between obesity and increased cancer rates. Maintaining a healthy body weight, eating a healthy diet and performing recommended cancer screenings are your best choices.

What are the main causes of breast cancer? Does fibrocytic changes are prone to breast cancer?

Very common cancer. Breast cancer is common. Most risk factors only indicate danger, but are not causes. Early detection is key (self exams monthly and mammograms). Several gene mutations increase risk. Testing is indicated if a number of relatives have breast, ovarian or pancreas cancer. Fibro-cystic disease is a benign group of conditions without cancer risk but fibrous density can make cancer detection harder.
See NCI Cancer Risk. On the web for a fairly full list of risks. Fibrocystic changes of the breast are normal for women in the us, and are not related to cancer risk.

If breast cancer runs in your family are you more prone to ovarian cancer?

Yes, if gene present. There is a specific gene that can be tested to see if you have a susceptibility to breast, ovarian or colon cancer.