How long will I be sleepy for after general anesthesia?

Depends. Depending on the surgery, you will wake up right after the surgery is done. As for the drowsiness well....some people claim they are ready to rock and roll right after and some people say it took them a full month to regain their sleep cycle. Hopefully the former and not the latter.
Varies. Everyone reacts differently to anesthesia. In general, however, most people are sleepy from a few hours to over a day from general anesthesia. As a rule , one should not drive or operate heavy machinery for at least 24 hours after game RAP anesthesia.
Depends. For short anesthetics not requiring much pain medication, you should feel ok within a few hours. Long-acting medications or longer surgeries can make you drowsy for a day. If you still take pain meds, you may be drowsy while using them. Anesthesia affects everyone differently.
Varies. In general a few hours. There are many factors that influence recovery from anesthesia, such as: type of anesthesia, age, genetics, medications you are taking, and underlying health conditions. These determine how quickly your body can process and clear out the anesthetic.
Varies per patient. The duration of sedation after anesthesia depends on the type of surgery, and the amount of pain the patient experiences after the operation. In a brief, and not too painfu, l surgery the patient can expect to be clear headed within an hour if the operation. The more pain experienced, the more pain medication needed and the sleepier the patient.