What kind of doctor should I go to for my ear problem?

Too little facts. The doctor who knows most about ear problems is know as an otolaryngologist or ENT doctor. But your question is so non-specific that it cannot be easily answered. For example, ear pain may be arising from the jaw joint. Give us some more specific symptoms.

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I need help with a ear problem I am asking this to resolve the issue? Lately my ears have been giving me trouble I wen to the ER and the doctor cleaned my ear out with a syringe and peroxide now when I went home I hear a hissing sound in my ears when its

Tinnitus . Tinnitus is the subjective sensation of sounds not from the surrounding environment. It is very common and one reason for worsening symptoms is hearing loss. Is there any loss after the procedure? These sensations are also common after manipulations of the ear. They should be self limiting, but if they do not resolve in 2-3 days or if pain and hearing loss are also present, i would recommend that it be evaluated by your primary care doctor. Read more...