What is the proper way to clean one's dental retainer?

Retainer cleaning. With tooth paste and water at the same time you clean your teeth or a mild soap and water. The decision depends on the type of material? This should be discussed with your dentist as he knows what material was used. Some appliances have a special cleaning solution that is need. A anti-bacterial soaking solution is important to use. Sometimes they need to soak for a few hours.
White vinegar. We recommend a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. The vinegar is acid, the tarter accumulation on your retainers is basic. The vinegar softens the tarter and you can then brush it off with your toothbrush. It may take several applications to clean them up completely.
Carefully. Twice a day gently brush retainers with soft toothbrush (do not use toothpaste-abrasives in t'paste can dull finish}. Once a day place retainers (and occasionally the retainer case) into room temperature water, then drop in a denture cleaning tablet. Remove and rinse after 20 minutes. If retainers really grungy, soak in 1/4 chlorine bleach 3/4 water for an hour, remove and rinse.