How can I prevent an STD after I have unprotected sex?

Too late. After sex, is exactly the wrong time to think about pretection from getting an std. The only sure way to not get an std is to not have sex. That includes oral and anal sex which also have risks. Use protection always and have sex with limited partners and have each get tested often to know their status.
Can't prevent. After the fact...Hopefully you come out unscathed and use better judgement next time.

Related Questions

What medication can you take to prevent std's after unprotected sex?

None. Unfortunately, there is no medication that can totally prevent the acquisition of std's. Forethought regarding the type of partner you are sharing 'bodily fluids' with is tantamount in addition to contraceptives.

Can I prevent infection with an STD after unprotected sex?

No. Once infection has occurred (i.e. Once sex has occurred), you cannot uninfect yourself. Protect yourself before and during sex, not after.
Can't prevent. After the fact...Hopefully you come out unscathed and use better judgement next time.

Can I get std from having unprotected sex even if my partner and I are both virgins? Also I keep getting jock itches. Is there a prevention for it?

Tinea? Yeast? Other? It is not possible to have an STD unless one person or the other has had sex with someone else. "Jock itch" is not a term normally used in women, only men. Have you been diagnosed with tinea (same fungus group as jock itch in men)? Yeast (entirelydifferent)? Neither yeast nor tinea is sexually transmitted. Don't assume any diagnosis based only on symptoms; get professional care.

What to do to avoid STDs and stis afta unprotected sex?

Not much to do. If your partner (or you) have an std, and you have had unprotected intercourse, then someone has been 'exposed' and there is nothing you can do about it. If there is concern about an exposure, then you both need to be seen and evaluated for std's.

What is the likelihood that STD occurs the only time you have unprotected sex?

Unprotected Sex..... I think this question is valuable for many people. But, there is no likelihood to give you statistics and hard facts. One should consider that every sexual encounter can put them at risk for disease. This leads to healthier choices to use condoms and to get into relationship with partners you can learn to trust. But, any unprotected sexual encounter can lead to infection with an std.

How long after unprotected sex should someone wait to get tested for std?

Not long. If you are concerned about exposure to stds, it is best to get tested right away. Today's tests can detect the dna of an infection before you show any signs or symptoms. If you feel pretty certain you have been exposed, you may also consider getting treated with antibiotics right away - even before getting any test results.

Had unprotected sex with six men in one night. How long should I wait to get STD test?

One week. See a doctor or clinic that evaluates and treats STD's (your MD, public health clinics, Planned Parenthood clinics) ASAP after exposure to consider preventive treatment, especially if high risk sexual partners. Testing can first be done at 1 week to determine if you were infected but may need to be repeated again. Learn and practice safe sex techniques for prevention over long run.

If two virgins have unprotected sex (any form) can they contract an STD (for example aids)?

Possible. If one is infected with HIV that was acquired through a blood transfusion, needle stick, intravenous drug use etc... And then have unprotected sex, the risk of transferring the disease to the other exists.