Is there lactose free protein shake powder?

Yes. Yes. There is soy protein, rice protein, and pea protein. There are many reputable companies that manufacture these products, and some only sell to professional offices such as doctors' offices for patients to buy. For some of these companies, you can buy online if your doctor refers you.

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I'm lactose intolerant. If a whey protein shake is bothering, there's probably lactose in it right? Is it possible to be unable to digest whey?

Could have whey or.. Whey protein generally contains small amounts of whey;most with lactose intolerance tolerate it but some can't;some whey powders are more pure ; have minimal whey so you may tolerate a different brand.You might also have an allergy to lactalbumin, the protein in whey, in which case it won't matter if it has lactose or not-see www.Naturalnews.Com/035233_whey_protein_lactose_intolerance_powder.Html#. Read more...