Why are immunizations important in children?

Save Lives. Immunizations may be the single, safest, most effective heath intervention produced in the last 100 years. They are proven to be 99% effective, safe and have saved literally millions of children's lives.There is literally no valid scientific research proving that serious complications of the vaccines outweigh the risks.
Prevent serious illn. Vaccines help prevent getting infected with illnesses that can seriously harm you or kill you. Think of it this way... A child born in 2011 has a risk of death by age 5 is one in several thousand. A child born in 1911 had a risk of death by 5 of 1 in 5! yes 20% chance. Much of that difference is due to decrease in vaccine preventable diseases. I would call that important.
Simple facts. International air travel can bring an asymptomatic disease carrier to your neighborhood in 24 hrs. Failure to immunize kids leaves them at risk for diseases and their deadly complications.To believe it won't happen to you is a fairy tale.
Risk-benefit balance. The benefit of preventing many life-threatening disease like measles and polio and diphtheria versus usually minor side-effects. It is like walking across an interstate with a blindfold on or playing russian roulette. Nothing might happen but would you let your child do it? Same thing as a father of 4 and grandfather of 4, no doubt in my mind that vaccines are the way to go. Think about it!