How much does atrial fibrillation affect longevity?

Atrial fibrillationI. I don't think atrial fibrillation affect longevity that much as long as treatment is initiated before developtment of embolic stroke.
It Depends. Atrial fibrillation will (provided you don't have an exceedingly rare condition called wolff-parkinson-white) not lead directly to your death, but there are several ways it can hasten it. Stroke is the biggest risk of atrial fibrillation and your risk with fibrillation can be directly calculated from certain risk factors. Heart attacks from fast rates are also possible, though not common.

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There's so much tv advertising about atrial fibrillation. John's Hopkins publishes that AF is found in about 1% of the general population. Maybe true?

For sure! Moreover, the incidence rises with age. By age 80, 10% of the population have atrial fib. Read more...
7-20% chance of afib. results from population studies vary a bit, but one i keep in mind is : 1% of 40 year olds have afib 2% of 50 yo 3% of 60 yo 7% of 70 yo 20% of 80 year olds have afib. Read more...