What is meant by wellness specialist?

Healthy living. In medicine, a physician who is focused on wellness will work with patients to try to optimize their health from every angle: resistance training, aerobic exercise, stress reduction techniques, nutrition/diet, disease prevention, genetic testing, hormone balancing (if necessary), supplementation (if necessary), improving blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, lipid profiles, body composition........
Health oriented. Wellness specialists focus upon promoting health lifestyle in their patients/clients. Some general measures (nutrition, physical activity, support psychological), including hygiene, are usually gone over with patients by those specialists. Some may have knowledge of the preventative medicine (screening procedures, vaccinations, etc.).
Wellness=healthy. Wellness experts include many different coaches, trainers and educators who specialize in healthy living. They may be giving advice about healthy eating, exercise, and other aspects of healthy living. They may be providing what is known as complementary medicine, although most of them are nonmedical people. Complementary medicine includes massage and movement therapies.