Are there any alternative therapies to help with rectal prolapse?

No. For full-thickness rectal prolapse, surgery is the only option that will correct the problem. There are options available. If not corrected, symptoms may worsen as the prolapse weakens the sphincter and the patient develops more symptoms of incontinence which may become irreversible.
It depends on cause. You will first need to focus on the cause and get that resolved. Most herbal remedies are related to keeping your stool soft and soothe the local area discomfort. In general they do not 'cure' rectal prolapse. Biofeedback, acupuncture and muscle stimulation can be helpful for the same reasons.
Not really. Keep the stools soft. Avoid straining especially in a squatted position. Avoid prolonged squatting on toilet.

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What kind of pills or treatment can somebody get for rectal prolapse?

Depends. Rectal prolapse is where the rectum protrudes through the anus. A rectocele is sometimes called rectal prolapse, but is through the vagina. There are surgical options for both after child bearing is complete. Avoid straining, sitting in a squat or on the toilet for more than a minute or 2 as these will worsen it.

What is treatment for rectal prolapse?

Several. Anal surgery, vaginal surgery, laparoscopic and abdominal. I presented a vaginal technique last year at augs. The others are have varying degrees of success- better as more invasive.
Depends on symptoms. Rectal prolapse is most common in older people, and treatment options take into account a person's medical fitness and suitability for operative treatment. Abdominal surgery approaches have higher risks, but lower recurrence rate. Alternatively, resection through the perineum is lower risk, but has a higher recurrence rate.

What is the best treatment for rectal prolapse?

Depends on severity. If it is mild and causing no symptoms, you may not need treatment at all. Just make sure you keep regular and avoid straining etc.... If it is severe and irritating to you, consult with a colorectal surgeon who can evaluate and recommend appropriate treatment for you. Good luck.
Rectal prolapse. If mild - it can be gently reduced and pushed back in - use a moist washcloth. Stool softeners may help prevent reoccurence. If it continues to prolapse - generally surgery is required to remove the redundant tissue and "tack" the rectum up. Colon and rectal surgeons are probably the best at this type of problem.

What is the treatment process for rectal prolapse?

Surgery is the best. Option for treating rectal prolapse. Currently one can have an abdominal approach using minimally invasive techniques with 3-4 small scars. Experienced surgeons will offer laparoscopic or robotic surgery as well as approached from the perineum or around the prolapsed rectum. In general, repairs through the abdomen last longer and are more durable then repairs from the perineum. See attached.