How do I recover from a stroke?

Give order to brain. Agree with other drs. Will add that if the stroke is caused by an infarct and not by bleeding in the brain pts. Should take some sort of anti platelet or anticoagulant. If the reason was an emboli associated to atrial fibrillation needs anticoagulantion with warfarin/other. If the stroke was b/o carotid stenosis higher that 75% needs carotid surgery (endarterectomy). Physical therapy is critical.
Control your risk! Make sure you control your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Go to physical therapy as prescribed. Quit smoking if you smoke. Eat a very healthy menu daily - most days. Get a small amount of exercise every day. Ask your doctor for help in getting all this done. A "statin" medication may help your future risk, even if cholesterol is "normal." work hard to regain/build strength.